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Slurry Water Separation Filter Press

"Create green water and green mountains, share blue water and blue sky"; filter press is a mud-water separation equipment for liquids and solids, the use of hydraulic cylinders to generate the push pressure, making the filter plate extrusion to produce internal sealing space, slurry pump conveying material, the pressure difference forces most of the water in the material through the filter cloth, the material is blocked inside the filter chamber to form a filter cake So as to achieve the purpose of mud-water separation and filtration. Due to the filtering process on both sides of the filter cloth pressure difference, improve the filtration speed reduces the cake water, and the use of special filter cloth, making the filtrate pure and clear. Shandong Li & Fung rows of special filter press especially for high-speed rail, highways, subway, building land, pile construction and other concrete and sewage industry specially designed for the structure is simple, easy to operate, high reliability, is the current environment and ecological protection under the necessary choice.

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