On Mother's Day, let's give a big shout out to Mom, Happy Holidays!



Mother's Day, on the second Sunday of May every year, is a holiday to thank mothers.Crow has the righteousness of feeding, sheep have the grace of kneeling, the horse did not deceive the mother's heart, the love given by the mother is selfless and great, as a child should know how to be grateful.

Road and bridge people, railroad people who are always outside, each is the mother's attachment, and each mother is also in the heart of the outsiders to send and comfort. A phone call with the mother, a video, thousands of miles away, heart together. The front-line personnel is certainly hard, the rear support is also an important presence.

Walked through the great mountains and rivers of the motherland, involved in a number of railroads, set up a number of bridges, walked through the road but not the mother to walk through. I hope that one day, I can take my mother to walk through the construction of the railroad, walk through the establishment of bridges, so that my mother can see the achievements of her children!

Happy Holidays, Mom!