It's that time of year again.



It's that time of year again.
Yes, the College Entrance Examination (CEE) is one of the most important exams in China's education system, which is taken by millions of candidates every year. The results of the gaokao have a significant impact on the future development of candidates and are one of the most important bases for society to select talents. For candidates, the college entrance examination is an important opportunity for them to choose their future specialties and career paths in a broader scope.
The years pass by in a hurry, not stopping for anyone. We flowed slowly with him, but I could not see the traces of the walk, perhaps prepared for the wind and sand cover, which has long since ceased to exist. The years are unforgiving, this sentence has been said by many people, is still being said by many people continue to say, which can prove that this is a truth.
Life, a little sprightly, the pressure is not too big; life frankly once, do not make progress, the normal heart treatment is good. The college entrance examination is only a period of time to witness, is also the next section of the departure. Believe that the birth of every life is a miracle, every life is a creation, then no need to refuse mediocrity, because you have long ceased to be mediocre!
Go for it!